Nbascore Slack Application

Abdullah Kurkcu
2 min readJan 22, 2019

Hello everyone,

We realized that there is no application that reports NBA results of the day on Slack during one of our meaningless conversations about sports. Since it was the long weekend, I started to look for potential resources I can utilize to bring the scores to our slack channel.

Reading Matt Makai’s post about how to build a slack bot with python, I was able to initialize the first version of the bot following the steps explained here:

The next step was to find a way to reliable get live scores. First, I gave nba_api (super cool) a try.

However, it looks like scoreboard and scoreboardv2 endpoints are not actually reporting real-time scores, instead, they are updated at intervals. Therefore, it is kind of pointless to use these endpoints. I quickly realized what I need is much more simple so I decided to code it myself. Quick internet search and reading some posts on Reddit lead me to this

It lists all the available API endpoints that anyone can send requests to. No key is needed which is perfect for my simple bot. Swar’s python…